Lord Of Plagues

by Vulvodynia



This is Vulvodynia's debut EP, bringing something new to the plate in South Africa.


released May 10, 2014



all rights reserved


Vulvodynia South Africa

Vulvodynia (VUL-VO-DIN-EE-UH) is a chronic pain condition situated in and around the opening of the vagina for which there is no identifiable cause. Vulvodynia sufferers often describe the pain as being similar to intercourse with a knife or having Acid poured over the genitals. ... more

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Track Name: Drowned In Vomit
''I have an Emesis fetish!
You're wondering where I'll take you,
Into my lair where you'll regurgitate and puke.
I'll knock your fucking teeth out,
And deepthroat your bleeding mouth!
Forcefed previous victims whilst hanging upside down.

As the cotch flows over my hard cock I pull out and revel in the madness.
Keep vomiting!
I need you too fill this bathtub!
Emesis Fetish.
Rotten Gastric Fluids.
One last gag entices projectile vomit.
This seems sufficient too complete my grand design.
Slowly lowered!
Can you feel the gastric acid eating at your tender virgin flesh.

Tied up and completely submerged vomit fills your every orifice.
Internal third degree acid burns occur as you're digested.
I watch the bubble from your last breath pop in cotch, Necrophilia shall now begin.
Ascending from this vat of mulch a bloated mess of pubescent tenderness.

Commencing coitus with your pus filled wounds!
The vomit remnants of my previous victims seeping from each orifice!
Each one I now shall fuck.
I've got this planned for your family, they all shall ingest your flesh and feel the wrath of my meaty cock.
They shall now bow too I!
Lord of Vomit!
I am the lord of all vomit.
Kneel down and revel in my madness.
Emesis embodies my being.''
Track Name: Lord Of Plagues
Bioterrorism is the only fucking key,
To cure this planet of humanities disease!
Engineering pathogens in order to complete my grand design.
Ebola, Marburg, Hanta Virus, Rabies combined.
To create a pathogen the likes of which the worlds never seen.
To bring these filthy fucking humans too their knees.
I've been instructed by the planet itself to stop the end and obliterate this alien virus.
Knighted as the lord of plagues by the mother terra.
Blind to our ways our species will be wiped from existence.
Knighted as the lord of plagues by the mother terra.
Blind to our ways our species will be wiped from existence.
Wiped from existence!
Pathogen X is released upon you worthless human scum!
Genocide occurs as we bleed from every orifice.
None are immune there is no cure.
The planet will now flourish without you humans.
Secreting blood from our pores, we enter ravenous frenzy!
Gluttonously Gorging on human flesh till I'm bloated enough to die!
How could we assume the planet would remain idle as we burn it too the ground!
The world will be nothing but a wasteland
If we continue to exist!
Track Name: Forced Fecal Ingestion (Feat. Rudi De Vos of Scarlet Brood)
Faeces ripped from a virgins cunt,
Served up with organs and entrails!
I find my victims on the playground.
Kittens and candy my main lure!
"C'mon kids get in my van! I'll take you too candyland!"
Back in my lair I fuck these kids with a rusty knife.
Eating and molesting their tiny genitalia.
Harvesting fecal matter which they'll be forced too ingest!
I'm a fucking sicko!
Watching these kids eat their shit gives me and erection.
Rape Ensues!
Heavy breathing, lying broken bloody on the floor.
I'll rape you till you perish!
All these kids are finished I think I'll jump in my van and get some more.
I need my fix!
Prey on the weak! Devour the young!
Raping adolescent bitches with a frozen stool!
You know I live for this pre-teen scat orgy!
Young cunts stuffed with shit.
Its a delight to me!
Devour the young! Rape the weak!
I must have it, I crave it!